Breakfast / Desayuno
Breakfast Plates served with Rice And Beans.



Soft Tacos

Served with rice and beans



Fajitas include refried beans topped with cheese, spanish rice, red salsa, sour cream, guacamole and tortillas. Add a fresh garden salad for just $ 4.95


Add a fresh garden salad for just $4.95 Served with Rice and Beans


Add a fresh garden salad for just $4.95 Served with Rice and Beans


Any substitution is subject to an additional charge.
Add a fresh garden salad for just $ 4.95

Macho Combo
For the big appetite All combinations are served with rice and beans. Please order by number.

Enchiladas: cheese
Burrito: Pork chile verde & beans
Tacos: ground beef
Tostadas: Bean

Los Creativos

Make Your own one or two items combination Served with rice and beans.

One items $10.25 / Two items at $13.95

Item choices
Pork chile verde & bean burrito
Bean or Guacamole Tostada
Chile Relleno
Cheese Enchilada
Bean & cheese burrito
Ground beef taco
Taco chicken or shredded beef
Pork Tamale or chicken tamale
Substitution charges

A la Carte

Kid’s Menu

• For kids 12 years old and under •
All Kid’s Meals include rice and beans OR French Fries

Shirley Temple  $2.99
Coffee or Hot Tea $2.89                                                                                                             
Mexican Hot Chocolate  $2.99                                                                                                   
Milk    $2.89                                                                                                                               
Jarritos Mexicanos (Soft Drink)   $2.99                                                                                   
Aguas Frescas (No Refills)  $3.25                                                                                             
Horchata or Jamaica (Hibiscus)
Strawberry Margarita (non-alcoholic)   $5.99

Orange juice $2.89                                                                           

Wine and Beer

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